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My debut novel Pretend, a young adult contemporary romance, is now out on Amazon! Click here!


Read on to find out more about Robin and the Whitmore Brothers.


Pretending and lying.

It’s a fine line and a delicate balance.

The bruises on her skin will heal but what about the bruises on her heart? Robin was trying to escape an abusive situation so she could start the rest of her life. At her new high school, all she had to do was stay under the radar until graduation. What she didn’t count on were the Whitmore Brothers interrupting her plans. Now, her troubled past catches up to her and threatens to ruin her future. Robin has no choice but to pretend because their lives (and her heart) depend on it.

But how long can she keep up the act?

Pretend By Jennifer Conklin


YA Novel (Companion book to Pretend)

Writing is 25% complete.
Release TBD.

Couple's Ride

She Who Walks Above The Trees

The Adventure Above Children's Series-Book 1

Come join the adventures above with Anya and Breck, the little human girl and her Brachiosaurus.  Discover how they become best friends and spend their time together in their prehistoric world.  Follow them as they explore thick green lands and bright blue seas, in their own special way as, 

“She Who Walks Above the Trees!”


Final editing is 50% complete.

November 2023 release.


She Who Swims Above the Seas

The Adventure Above Children's Series -Book 2

Writing is 90% complete. 

Release date is TBD.
Continue along with the adventures of Breck and Anya.

Beach overhead view
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