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My children's book is officially published!

she who walks above the trees children's book

Hello Readers,


My children's book is officially published!

The Adventures Above Series, She Who Walks Above The Trees,

is available NOW on Amazon!

As of 11/13/2023 my children's book is ranked #1 on Amazon's Hot New Releases List and is ranked #27 out of the top 100 on the Best Sellers List for prehistoric books :)

Click the Amazon icon link on the bottom of any page on my website or

any click here spots in this blog.

Come join the adventures above with Anya and Breck. The little human girl and her Brachiosaurus with the long neck.

Discover how they become the best of pals and

spend time together in prehistoric locales.

Follow them as they explore, green lands and blue seas, in their own special way as, “She Who Walks Above the Trees!”

I hope you love the story as well as the illustrations

which are absolutely amazing! For more information about the talented illustrator Aaron Trudell, click here.

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Happy DETours,


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