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Hello!  Welcome to my website.

I am so glad you are here! My name is Jennifer Conklin, and I am a first-time published author. My debut novel Pretend is a YA contemporary romance about a girl running from her past, only to find her future. I have also developed a children’s book series called The Adventure Above Series about a little girl and her dinosaur best friend. There are three stories currently, with the possibility of more. The first book, She Who Walks Above The Trees is available NOW on Amazon!

Jennifer Conklin + Josie

In addition to being an author, I am also a special education teacher. I have been teaching littles for many years, and although it can be a challenging career, it is also rewarding. I genuinely love teaching and being able to make a difference. To watch their faces light up when they accomplish their goals brings me such joy. Each and every student is unique, amazing, and will always hold a little piece of my heart.  

Jennifer Conklin + Jesse

As you can guess, I love to write, read, watch tv & movies. I am young at heart and have always loved a good love story!! I live in New York with my husband, our younger son, who is finishing his last year in college, and two sweet dogs. Our older son and his wife live nearby which makes me a very happy momma. :)


Again, thank you for coming to my website, and I hope you enjoy my debut novel Pretend and my newly released children's book, She Who Walks Above The TreesCheck out my blog by clicking the tab at the top to see how I started my writing journey and why my newsletter is named Happy DETours. Then on the home page, sign up for my newsletter to receive updates about new blog posts, my books in progress and their release dates! 


Happy DETours,


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