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father and daughter

Hello Readers!

Welcome back to my author's blog, Happy DETours!

This week's author blog is bittersweet. In a couple days, it would have been my dad's birthday. Unfortunately, he is no longer here with us, but I think of him in one way or another every single day.

My newsletter blog, Happy DETours, is named after my dad. In case you are new to my blog, I will give a brief overview as to why. My dad was the eternal dreamer. He loved to explore, see new things and meet new people. He would take the family on little road trips on Sunday afternoons to places known and unknown. Sometimes he left it up to my sister and I to pick which way to turn until we ended up somewhere new and wonderful. These were such happy times and happy memories.

As a family we named these trips, DETours (to add context, DET is the first 3 letters in my childhood last name and my dad went by Mr. D when he was a teacher). And that's how Happy DETours was born. With this new chapter in my life as an author, I felt like that was the perfect name for my storytelling journey.

My dad was the best storyteller. From stories he heard, to making up stories of his own. He had a flair for the dramatic which both my sister and I inherited in one way or another. He was very captivating when he shared his stories, even if it was the 419th time. ;) One of my dad's dreams was to write a book. Something he wasn't able to do before he passed. So, he would have loved watching my author journey and reading my books. Especially the children's books.

My dad was also a teacher and loved his students. But his greatest joy was being a grandpa. He got to impart his wisdom, advice and share his stories with them over the years. Although, they only heard his stories 122 times, he left a lasting impact on them all. His most precious dreams come true!

I know he is watching over us and is so proud of everything we have all accomplished so far in our lives. He would also love the fact (and beam) that I am like him now, sharing all my book stories countless times even if someone has heard them or not :)

But I know he is there with me at every telling. Cheering me on and encouraging me to share that story... just one more time!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Thanks for all the happy DETours and I promise to keep the storytelling going!

Oh, that reminds me, did you hear my story about the... ;)

Happy DETours,


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