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Carpe Librum: Publishing Journey

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Hello Readers,

Welcome! So today I wanted to share a little bit about my publishing journey. After I wrote my novel, Pretend, I wanted to make sure that if I made it this far (finishes novel) that I was going to follow through and publish (said novel). But how do I do that?

First, the power of the internet. Second, being in the right place at the right time. Let me start with the internet. For me it’s research. Lots and lots of research. In my deep dive into writing and publishing, I came across data about writing novels. One poll found that only 30 out of 1000 people who started writing a novel finish it. That means only 3% of people finished their novel. Then the poll went on to explore how many of those 30 people published their finished novel. Want to guess the number?

Six. That’s it. Only six people went on to publish their finished novel. That means only 0.6% published their novel. I was astounded. So, the good news for me, I'm one of those six people. Another goal achieved in my writing journey.

Through my internet research I searched for anything about writing books; the genre expectations of my books; attending book conferences; how to publish and reading everything in my genre. The most helpful was a book conference I attended which really opened my eyes to the book business. I was also able to connect with fellow authors and publishing consultants.

The next step of my publishing journey was a little more like fate. I needed an editor for my novel and illustrator for my children’s book series. Through a recommendation, I found a local business that not only does illustrations but editing, website design and publishing. The planets had aligned, and I took that as a sign that I was meant to publish my novel.

And here I am! Published. On social media. Blogging on my website. Connecting with other authors and readers.

What I learned:

*Do your research.

*It's never too late to follow your dream.

*Carpe Diem. Or in my case Carpe Librum.

So that’s your homework assignment (sorry, it’s the teacher in me!):

Carpe Librum. Seize the book. It could be mine, an old favorite or something you would not read normally. But what’s important is to seize the book.

So, click the link and get started on your homework.

I promise there won’t be a quiz😉

Happy DETours,


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