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Hello Readers!

Welcome back to my author's blog, Happy DETours!

Next week Monday, April 8th, 2024 we will have an exciting eclipse take place above our Earth. To say the buzz around this event has been huge is an understatement.

I get it. In most places this only occurs every 350 years. And like so many other families, I am ready to celebrate with my ISO approved eyewear to protect all of our eyes while viewing the eclipse.

As I did research, history revealed that solar eclipses have taught us many things. It led to the discovery of helium and inspired Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity. But what is a solar eclipse exactly? It is when the moon completely blocks the sun leaving only the outermost layer visible to the naked eye, hence using the proper eyewear. The Earth will become dark with only a glowing ring left in the sky. Of course, full totality will only be a few minutes with the whole event lasting only last a few hours. But it is enough to affect us mentally, physically and spiritually as well.

Many articles talked about the affect the eclipse has on animals and humans across the globe. Not only does the sudden darkness in the middle of the day affect animals and humans but there can also be a slight change in temperature and wind speed during the event that can be perceived both consciously or subconsciously. Animals can become restless and have more vocalizations, while humans may become fatigued or express emotional awe over the stunning event.

Spiritually, many cultures believe that the solar eclipse is the Harbinger of Change. It is believed that this is a time of new beginnings. That it can lead to significant life changes and opportunities to start fresh again. That eclipses can encourage us to move in the best direction not only for ourselves but for the collective good of everyone. These astrological events are also seen as a way to acknowledge when things are not working and to seek out new paths in our lives. Pushing us to break out of our comfort zones to embrace the change.

This part of my research really spoke to me since the last few years of my life have been wrought with change in one way or another. I often refer back to the saying "Don't fear change." But its hard not to sometimes. I want to embrace the challenges that force me to make change so I can move into a better and more fulfilling direction. But it's difficult.

I came across a couple strategies that I thought could guide me and give me clarity in order to embrace change better.

  1. Journaling. That was a no-brainer. It would be something I can do easily and would also enjoy.

  2. A small manifestation ceremony during the eclipse. It can be something as simple as lighting a candle, writing down my intentions/changes I want for my life and then burning them. Using the energy of the solar eclipse to help release those thoughts. I just found that so poetic and meaningful for what I have been feeling and experiencing over the last few years.

In astrology, it is believed that eclipses are moments of change that help us move towards our true fate and destiny. I am not entirely sure I am ready to embrace change again but I want to be. So, I will be watching the solar eclipse, full of awe and full of hope, for the right opportunities to usher me through change.

I truly hope that the solar eclipse brings you joy, awe and the positive change you may need in your life and for your future!

Happy DETours,


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