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Guess what?

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Hello Readers!

Welcome back to my author's blog, Happy DETours!

Guess what? It's getting closer. We're almost there. Coming soon...


Yes, book two of my children's book series, The Adventures Above Series: She Who Swims Above The Seas, is almost ready for the big cover reveal. My team and I have been working very hard these last few months to get this book completed. The editing and the illustrations are absolutely amazing, AGAIN! We are still on track for a summer release so I'm very excited for you to see the beautiful cover.

Aaron Trudell, is once again the illustrator for the book. His ability to turn my vision for the story into the most stunning illustrations is unbelievable! The vivid colors and scene perspectives are incredible! How he can marry his art to the text so seamlessly is a wonder to behold.

Check out Aaron's art on Instagram by clicking here.

So excited for the next adventure of Breck & Anya!

Happy DETours,


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