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Happy DETours from a Debut Indie Author


Hello Readers,

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Welcome to my author’s website. First, let me say thank you for visiting and for your interest in my books as a debut indie author. Second, let me explain how I came up with the title for my website blog and newsletter.

As a child, my dad was an avid reader, storyteller, and adventurer. He was a conscious dreamer and loved all things science fiction and exploring the world around him (real or not). He loved technology and always made sure we had the newest version of anything.

My favorite memory of my dad was taking adventure car trips on Sunday afternoons. He would often take us places he read about, or we would drive around until we ended up somewhere wonderful!

Using the first three letters of our childhood last name, we coined the name “DETours.”

My sister and I would often ask our dad to take us on his special “DETours” whenever we felt the adventure bug strike. Those were such happy memories that we still talk about today even though our dad has long passed.

I inherited the dreamer gene from my dad and when I started writing in earnest, I wanted to pay homage to that memory. And Happy DETours was born. I also found it fitting for my new venture into storytelling.

I sincerely want to thank you for following me on this new journey. I hope you will find my books a happy DETour in your life even if it’s only for a short time. So, in the spirit of my father… it’s time for an adventure!

Happy DETours,


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1 Comment

Aaron Trudell
Aaron Trudell
Aug 11, 2023

Love reading about your journey, great job.📙

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