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Plotter or Pantser?

pantser writing type

Hello Readers,

Welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the different types of writers.

When I first started my journey, I knew the type of writer I was. But I didn’t have a label for it. Of course, since I’m a researcher, I found an author on one of my internet dives where he talked about types of writers. I was intrigued, so I read his blog.

Author Jerry Jenkins said there were basically two types of writers: the Plotter or Pantser. As you can guess, the plotter plots and outlines out all the beats in the story; the enticement, climax, and ending. I knew right away that wasn’t me. The Pantser lets the story and characters lead them in their writing. Basically, it means to "fly by the seat of your pants."

I know what you're thinking because it was the same thing I used to think. Whenever I read an author who said, “The character told me this… or the character spoke to me…” I was the first one to roll my eyes and groan. Why? Because you are the writer. You made the characters up in your head; therefore, you are their voice.

But… as I continued my writing journey over the course of a year, I found out that is exactly what happens to a writer who is a Pantser. At least, in my case. Being a teacher, and typically a Type A personality, this surprised me. We like to plan; organizing lessons and the classroom down to the smallest detail.

Full disclosure, I did have a rough idea of where I thought the story was going when I started writing but quickly realized that was an ever-changing and fluid construct. I had to be flexible with the direction of my writing as a character's personality took me on an alternate path. I embraced this new creative side of me and went with the flow.

This whole experience of writing has taken me out of my comfort zone, but I am learning to roll with it and see where it all takes me. So, here I come.

Pantser or bust!😊

Happy DETours,


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