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Hello Readers!

Welcome back to my blog. If you are new to my website, welcome! If you have been here before, welcome back!!

I'm a new indie author of both YA novels and children's books. In August of this year, I published my debut novel Pretend on Amazon and it is currently available in both paperback and kindle formats. Just last week, I also published my first children's book in The Adventures Above Series: She Who Walks Above The Trees in paperback format only at this time.

In this season of Thanksgiving I wanted to share my gratitude and thanks for all the support and well wishes I have received over the last couple months from both near and far. It has truly been humbling and brings me such joy to share these stories with you all. I cannot wait to share more in the coming year!

Watch for my next YA novel, Solace, (companion book to my debut novel Pretend) and my children's book two in The Adventures Above Series: She Who Swims Above The Seas. Both are set to be released mid to late 2024.

With Black Friday/Cyber Monday fast approaching, I wanted to mention that my books would make great gifts for friends or family for the holidays! Just click the Amazon link at the bottom of this blog post or any page on my website for a direct link to my Amazon Author Page where you can purchase my books.

As always, please share my website address and Facebook posts with others on your social media. Also sign up for my website newsletter and please follow my Facebook book page at, Jennifer Conklin Author.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy DETours!


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