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The Big "C".


Hello Readers,

Welcome back to my author's blog, Happy DETours!

This is a heavy topic to discuss and can be triggering. I know we have all been touched in one way or another by the big "C". Either with a family member, a friend or yourself.

Some years back I lost a very close friend and co-worker to this unrelenting disease, well before her time. She had young children at the time and her whole future ahead of her. I was so angry, to say the least. The pain is deep and the question of why is always on the forefront of my mind. Still to this day. But we try to carry on and live life the best way we know how.

Which brings me all the way up to my writing journey. It was true that I didn't want to have regrets and made the decision to write a book. I wrote the entire year of 2022 and had planned to reveal the news at Thanksgiving that year to my entire family.

My sister and her husband, who live out of state, always came to visit and finally, after the pandemic, they could come. No one in my entire family knew that I had written a book. It would be a total surprise to everyone, including my husband, so I was VERY excited... and nervous.

Then the call came. Out of the blue. From my brother-in-law.

My little sister had cancer.

I could feel my world spin out of control as I listened to the news. The pain and fury were so gut wrenching that I could barely breathe. I found out later, she had her husband call because she knew it would be too hard for her to share the news with me (and my mom) herself. But not talking to her on that initial call, made it that much worse, if I'm being honest. I wanted to speak to her in person. To hear her voice. Tell her I loved her. Although we were like oil and water much of our lives, I love her beyond measure and I would have done anything in that very moment to make it all go away.

In early November 2022, she had surgery to remove all the cancer and it was successful!! There were still tests, pathology results and the post-op treatment plan that needed to occur, but the surgery was by all means, a success.

She and her husband had not visited us in over two years due to the pandemic and she made the decision to come for Thanksgiving only three weeks post-op. Although we wanted her to come desperately, we encouraged her to stay home and recover. She was adamant. Secretly, we were overjoyed at her stubbornness to come!

My plans to reveal that I wrote a book seemed to pale in comparison to my sister fighting for her life. I wavered and eventually decided that it was NOT the time to share that news. During her visit, we squeezed in every ounce of love and bonding we could possibly do, during our precious time together.

Then one evening that Thanksgiving, I looked over at her from across the dining room table, as we played a game of Canasta with our mom. I decided that if this wasn't a sign, then I really didn't know what one was. Tomorrow is never guaranteed and as I stated in previous blogs, I did not want to have any regrets.

Life can turn on a dime. She was proof of that.

So, I shared the news to my sister (and my whole family) about the young adult novel and the children's book series that I wrote that year. Everyone was so surprised but so excited at the same time! My sister immediately starting reading my manuscript as well as my mother and daughter-in-law. They couldn't put it down!

Fortunately, for my little sister and all of us in my family, the big "C" was defeated this time and she continues to do very well! But I know that isn't always the case. So, I wish healing, strength and love to anyone who may be affected by this disease either directly or indirectly.

Happy DETours,


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