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Hello Readers!

Welcome back to my Happy DETours author blog!

First, I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season! Second, thank you all for your support!

It has been a wonderful month so far taking some time for me and just getting back to the joy of writing. I have been making great headway on my follow up YA novel Solace, which is the companion book to my debut YA novel Pretend.

I finished the first draft of book two in the The Adventures Above Series: She Who Swims Above the Seas. I will begin the editing and storyboarding process with my team starting in January. Book three is still in the writing phase but it is almost complete! Very exciting!

Because of your support, I have started writing two stand alone children's books and I have another novel I'm working on that will be a stand alone book as well (but it may be leaning more towards New Adult vs Young Adult). I'm still figuring that out ;) Since my writing style is as a pantser, I find it necessary to take creative breaks and work on other projects weighing on my mind. It keeps my creative juices flowing and it helps me maintain better attention to my WIPs (works in progress).

Also because of your support, my children's book, She Who Walks Above The Trees, debuted at #1 on it's release day on 11/9/2023 for prehistoric books. It remained in the Top 3 ranking spots on Amazon's Hot New Releases List for the entire month as a new release. I just can't thank you all enough!

And now I'd like to ask you all for a favor. If you can leave a positive review on Amazon for either book or for both books, I would be so grateful!

Thank you again for your support!!

Happy DETours,


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