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Now you can own your very own dinosaur Breck from The Adventure Above Series! Breck is featured in book one of my award-winning story,  She Who Walks Above The Trees, and the BRAND NEW release of book two, She Who Swims Above The Seas!

Breck Dinosaur Toy

SKU: 4
  • The Breck dinosaur toy is approximately 5" inches tall by 5" inches wide (from his head to the tip of his tail.) The material is PLA filament (polylactic acid) which is a recyclable and natural thermoplastic polyester derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane. Colors will vary from pictures shown.


    *SAFETY WARNING* As with all children’s toys or products, adult supervision is required. Please be aware that 3D printed toys may pose potential hazards and risks to children or adults if used improperly or with much force (breakage can cause small pieces which could be a choking hazard.) Please exercise caution and use at your own risk. By purchasing and using my products, you acknowledge and assume all risks and liabilities associated with their use.

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