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Hello Readers,

Welcome again to my website!

I have exciting news!

My debut indie novel Pretend will drop next Tuesday, August 29th, 2023. I am so EXCITED that it’s finally here. Check out the awesome cover art by Aaron Trudell and read the synopsis of my novel.

Pretend - By: Jennifer Conklin

Pretending and lying.

It’s a fine line and a delicate balance.

The bruises on her skin will heal but what about the bruises on her heart? Robin was trying to escape an abusive situation so she could start the rest of her life. At her new high school, all she had to do was stay under the radar until graduation. What she didn’t count on

were the Whitmore Brothers

interrupting her plans. Now, her troubled past catches up to her and threatens to ruin her future. Robin has no choice but to pretend because their lives (and her heart) depend on it.

But how long can she keep up the act?

Pretend will be available to purchase as a paperback on Amazon. You can order the book next week on Tuesday, August 29th. A follow-up blog and push notifications will go out that day to remind you with a link to the book on Amazon.

I hope to have it available on other online book-selling platforms such as Barnes & Noble as well as in their brick & mortar stores, local bookstores, and retail shops. Eventually, it will be available as an e-book too. So, stay tuned!

Also, keep watching my website as Book One in The Adventure Above Series: She Who Walks Above The Trees, a children’s book, will drop late Fall (tentatively scheduled for November 2023) just in time for the Christmas season. It will be the first book in a series of 3 that may eventually expand to 4 or 5 books. :)

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Happy DETours,


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